Simplified Sustainability Reporting for Your Entire Portfolio

Overcome the barriers to sustainability reporting with streamlined data collection and reporting.

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How Redaptive ONE Enhances Your Portfolio

  • Increases Data Coverage

    Acquire electric, water, and natural gas data for every site in your portfolio.

  • Improves GRESB Score

    Revenue-grade meters (RGM) ensure data accuracy with direct exchange to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for enhanced GRESB assessment.

  • Facilitates Tenant Engagement

    Foster open communication with tenants through proactive identification of energy-saving opportunities, water leaks, and unusual consumption patterns.

  • Increases Portfolio Value

    Reporting indicates funds that participate in ESG benchmarking outperform non-participating funds, and improved GRESB scores are linked to higher returns.

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Solving the Challenges of Triple Net Leases

Collecting utility bills from tenants is a thing of the past. Redaptive ONE is a complete sustainability data solution that increases data coverage and simplifies sustainability reporting to drive valuable outcomes for real estate. 

With Redaptive ONE, triple net leases are no longer a challenge. Sustainability leaders can access data in real time, identify sustainability opportunities, and ultimately improve the value of their portfolio.

  • Comprehensive Measurement: Captures electric, water, and natural gas consumption using smart meters.

  • Scalability: Can be deployed across your entire portfolio with minimal internal resources and end-to-end program management. 

  • Simplified Reporting: Automates data sharing with internal systems and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager via API.
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A Resource to Engage Tenants

  • Amenity access to utility analytics via Redaptive ONE empowers tenants with transparent consumption insights.

  • Our dedicated consulting support team identifies cost-saving opportunities. 

  • Energy as a service (EaaS) supports robust tenant engagement programs by identifying project opportunities and win-win solutions for sustainability. 

Energy and Data Solutions


WPT Capital - Case Study

With whole building energy monitoring, WPT Capital was able to overcome their challenges for ongoing ESG and GRESB reporting. In addition, they have saved 50% in monitoring costs and use that data to engage with their tenants. 

More Than Metering

Achieve building resilience and enable reporting with minimal internal resources by leveraging Redaptive. Redaptive helps real estate companies unlock sustainability by providing data, capital, and resources to accelerate sustainability initiatives and increase the value of their portfolio. 

Program Management

End-to-end management of energy and sustainability installations across building portfolios with ongoing support allows for accelerated optimization. 

Fully-Funded Model

Performance financing for portfolio-wide upgrades empowers customers to focus internal resources on their core business.

Verified Performance

Proprietary smart metering enables granular data collection, transparency, energy insights, and performance monitoring on our AI-enabled platform.

Customized Solutions

The Redaptive Difference


Renewable Upgrades

We provide the expertise, resources, and management needed to install energy and renewable upgrades, including HVAC LED lighting, and solar across multiple sites simultaneously.

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Fully Funded Model

Innovative and flexible Capital alternatives for project funding with

  • No Upfront cash outlay
  • Smart Meters that unlock Off-Balance sheet treatment
  • As-A-Service Risk Transfer: Cost, Performance, Incentive Collection, Maintenance
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Data Solutions and Analytics

Using Redaptive ONE, businesses collect data to validate savings, simplify sustainability reporting, and inform the implementation of future upgrades.

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Speed & Scale

We complete enterprise-wide projects in a fraction of the time it would take our customers by upgrading multiple sites simultaneously.

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