Sustainable and Scalable Energy Solutions for Your Operations

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conversion rate improvement


increase in repeat purchases


reduction in spend


reduction in returns

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Ebook - Sustainability and Savings at Scale

Accelerate energy efficiency projects and renewable upgrades across your manufacturing footprints faster than you can imagine.


Barriers to achieving energy-focused goals


Financial Constraints


Uncertainty over Performance


Lack of Technical Expertise/Resources

Generating Big Impacts


Major Manufacturing Clients


Gross Energy Savings


kWh Reduction


MT CO2e Avoided

Case Studies

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Berry Global: Case Study

For any large manufacturer, the competition for internal capital is always present. Berry Global needed funding without adding to its debt and an installation partner who could execute safely in highly complex operating facilities. They also needed to scale this solution across almost their entire portfolio. Learn how they avoided 82,700 metric tons of CO₂ emissions over the service term of the upgrades. 




Saint-Gobain: Case Study

Saint-Gobain needed a holistic, turnkey solution to assist in lowering its energy usage and reducing utility costs. Learn how Saint-Gobain is saving $19 million in 10-year Gross Energy Savings.

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